Battery companies team up to store renewable energy

Trojan Battery Company, manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, and Palladium Energy, manufacturer of custom lithium-based battery packs, last year formed a strategic alliance to develop clean energy battery solutions for a broad range of industries. Together, the companies will explore the development of lithium-based battery packs. 
This partnership enables Trojan to expand battery offerings to meet evolving customer demands for lithium-based technology. The use of Palladium's expertise in cell technology and engineering, coupled with Trojan's 85 years of lead-acid battery, allows for the opportunity to discover new and more efficient batteries. This would benefit the environment as the use for batteries grows and the need for a better way to manage them becomes more evident. The renewable energy market is going to continue to grow and therefore the demand to store that captured energy will need to move hand in hand with the technology. The better they are able to make the capabilities of the batteries the more effective the use of wind and solar energy can be. 
Battery companies team up to store renewable energy
Art Salyer, president and chief executive officer for Palladium Energy said "This partnership will catapult our company into new and emerging verticals and medium and large format applications, allowing us to have an even larger role in powering the world with green technology."