Where Can We Find a Little Real Food These Days?

Who to trust? That is the question. Everyone is more conscious of their food choices now, after seeing Food, Inc. and other documentaries about our food supply. Everyone wants to know how to eat safely, especially after recent tainted meat recalls. Is large scale agriculture serving us 'good' food?

One hundred years ago all food was organic. It was just called food. Then came fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides in food production. Currently genetically modified food stuffs are also in the supermarkets. We have abundant cheap edible stuff to fill our bellies.

Is it really good? Industrially produced 'food' is antibiotic laced, genetically modified and sprayed with toxic chemicals. The new generation of food is processed to contain aspartame, transfats, MSG, food dyes and preservatives. Everyone of these is labelled with the exception of genetically modified  foods.

We all wonder what we are eating and how it affects us. What's the solution?

My take home message is to buy as locally as possible!