Nutrition through protein shakes: A STORY!

Nutrition through protein shakes! 
A personal story by a Samantha
(this is educational but also opinion, I realize not all people believe in this, but it is information that is good about protein and what it does for the body)
It’s not all bad folks! As an active Herbalife consumer I can say for me personally.... it works! I didn't start drinking the shakes and eating the protein bars to loose weight, I did it to get more of the protein in my diet that I need in a day to stay healthy and not plato my body. I found that as a college student (and im only speaking for myself) I didn’t have as much time to consume fruits and veggies and meats and nuts on a daily basis to get my full nutrition for the day, so I needed something more and something fast and healthy that I could have on the go. 

So one day I was at the gym and kept seeing people come in with shakes, so I asked where they were going for them, and it was a locally owned nutrition shop that was giving away free herbalife shakes to prove its benefits and how amazing it tastes! So I went and I have been hooked ever since and have gained more lean muscle, lost more fat, and gained more nutritional foods and vitamins and minerals and proteins since and I am the healthiest I have ever been(this was march of 2010).

 I do want to tell everyone though that these shakes are not to substitute your daily intake of fruits and veggies and other protein sources, the shakes are there to help give you more nutrition in your day that you would normally neglect! (or at least for my case)

I wanted to share my life altering personal experience with you all. I was in a motorcycle accident on September 3rd, and I broke my toe, shoulder blade, and my thumb, as well as lacerated my knee and foot and couldn't walk well for almost 2 months after. While I was in the hospital (7 days, and 2 surgeries and physical therapy later) I consumed my normal protein shake (about 24 extra grams of protein or more a day) in and out of the hospital. At my first checkup out side of the hospital, the doctors were AMAZED at the progress I had made, my bones were re-fusing together, my muscles and tissues were forming again, and the new bone growth was stronger than ever. 

They told me, “wow, what are you taking? any vitamins, or special dieting?” and I was able to say YES! “yes I have been doing Herbalife protein shakes before and during this healing period” and the doctors all three of them had said “that is what saved your life, being a healthy individual and consuming vitamins and getting the good nutrients and protein that your body needs is what is making you heal quicker and is what made your body not get as injured as it could have from that accident”. It was pretty amazing to hear what protein alone had done for my body and for my future and healing process. It literally saved my limbs (body) and my life. 

So when I hear people say that certain Nutrition shakes or protein bars ect are a scam or are not good for you I caution them, and ask that they please get more facts on the information that they seem to believe or know. There are products that doctors recommend protein shakes and bars to help with nutritional benefits for men, women, and children, as well as weight loss for some, and weight gain for others. The Vice President, and Nutrition educator of herbalife is a doctor himself, Luigi Gratton, M.D. and M.P.H. of herbalife. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to consume products, I just say do your research, know what is good for you, what will impact you and your health!

** Id like to caution everyone and say that this is a personal story, and that consumption of protein products such as shakes and bars are completely your choice, and are not for everyone** 
Here are some websites that I found were filled with a lot of information regarding this blog.