Misconceptions about Protein: Choose Smart, Choose Natural

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Misconceptions about Protein: Choose Smart, Choose Natural

Protein supplements are becoming the norm in this day and age. All you have to do is take a quick stroll through a local GNC to see what I mean. The choices are just as varied as their claims. Slogans like: “build muscle fast” and “better than eggs” markets the differentiating brands to the masses. The logic is obvious: however, the science does not back up these claims.

Did you know?
  •  According to the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health:“To date, no studies have shown an advantage of ingesting protein supplements over natural, protein-containing foods; therefore, dietary sources of protein may be just as effective as protein supplemental sources in the regulation of muscle protein synthesis.”
  •  Supplement companies spend millions each year marketing their products and pushing “protein guilt.” 99% of their claims are false.
  •  Some studies have indicated a correlation between Kidney Failure and the ingestion of these products (including one of the most popular supplements – whey).
  •  Supplements are expensive and largely ineffective.
  • The cons “out whey” the pros regarding supplements.
  • Many, if not most body building athletes acquire their protein from natural sources. This includes: complete and incomplete proteins. 
  • A varied diet of natural foods will allow you to gain the best nutritional results.
  • Misconceptions about protein are “costly” to your pocketbook and your health.
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