MIT Recycling Game Is a Hit with Students

MIT Recycling Game Is a Hit with Students

Recycling is never something that most people find enjoyable. It is tedious and requires more effort than simply throwing the garbage out into the waste basket. This is one of the reasons that people do not like to do it, because companies have not made it fun or easy. If you have ever gon up to the Saturday Farmer's Market in Portland, you will know where I am coming from. Throwing away garbage is one of the most confusing tasks at the market, because there are not a great deal of garbage cans to dispose of things. 

However, a company called Greenbean Recycling in Boston, is changing the way that students at MIT look at chucking garbage. They have reengineered garbage cans so they tabulate points for each item students recycle. The most success from this program has come from competing frats and sororities. Greenbean Recycling is also offering prizes for people who recycle the most garbage. The reason that this program is so effective in my opinion, is because people like doing it.

It is fun and there is a bit of competition to it, which drives a lot of people. For me personally, I like playing soccer because it is a competitive game. Recycling in the case of this article and through Greenbean Recycling, has been made out to be extremely fun and entertaining. I find that when I have a game involved with anything tedious or lacking in entertainment value, suddenly I want to do it, because there is some enjoyment that I derive from the activity. Recycling should be one of those activities that everyone likes.  

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