Loss of Biodiversity and The Economy

Values are being lost today which will cause a big change and cause problems in people’s welfare. Water and food are in risk those days. Fisheries that are going to die in the coming forty years is not just $80 to $100 billion worth of lost fishing income. It is also lost of protein for the world poorest people. This will cause health problems and it will be hard and costly to cure those people. The income of those people will decline and it will be very hard to support them. This is a big problem that is affecting people and economies. This will affect the poor people and countries the most but we know that income comes from below. Businesses will be affected and the new opportunities of businesses will disappear. Employment will be even a bigger problem than it is today. Sometimes we look at biodiversity as a climate issue, but in realty its more than that. It started to affect the economy and an action is a must now. Spending money on trying to solve this problem is costly, but we have to know that it will cost a lot more in the future. We depend on animals to survive and live. Loosing our support will cost us a lot and it will affect our economies. Its effecting employment now due to lost of businesses in the animals market. It will be more than that and we need to be careful and take this problem re seriously. Now the effect of loss of biodiversity has an indirect effect on economy and taking an action now is necessary before it reaches the point of having direct effect.

By: Majid Yaqoub