A True Look at Palm Oil Deforestation

Often on this blog, the discussion often turns to palm growers and the clear cutting, the deforestation, and the destruction of ecosystems that some palm producers resort to in order to grow the plants. And while a picture speaks a thousand words, sometimes video can be more compelling.

Below is a video found on YouTube which shows just how land is cleared to make way for palm plants.

It is hard to imagine, isn't it? Hundreds and thousands of acres cleared out with chain saws and bulldozers and with fire. All to make room for palm so we may have palm oil. In a previous post, the use of palm as a form of  bio fuel was discussed. One issue made was that the use of palm oil as biodiesel could drive up demand to a point where sustainability is no longer a requirement or even desired. Imagine the destruction in the video multiplied by 10. By 20. By 100. By 1000. And imagine if the desire for palm grows even more among food producers, chemical companies, and more. The landscape of countries such as Malaysia, Columbia, and Indonesia will change dramatically.

Keep in mind, these tactics are not the way ALL palm growers take. There are farmers and producers who produce palm in a sustainable way without destroying forests or landscapes. Still, the thought of lush, green forests filled with wildlife being swept away is something to consider next time you buy a product with palm oil in it.

Remember to always look for the GreenPalm sustainability seal on products. Its the least you can do to help show the companies and growers of the world you care about sustainability and eco-friendly practices when it comes to palm and palm oil.