Paper & Plastic Bag Manufacturers

Of the innumerable amount of products being made today all of them require materials, and energy to produce.  Whether it be electricity to power machines, or natural resources like wood to create paper, everything we make has a certain impact on our planet and our world is constantly increasing in our production of manufactured products.
There are many Plastic and Paper bag manufacturers in the world today and because of the ever increasing awareness of our polluted enviroment these manufacturers are forced to look to newer, more enviromentally friendly ways of making their product.  While many of these companies still have to maintain their business (as us consumers still need their products) they are being held accountable for the materials, and energy they consume to create them.
Here are three leading manufacturing companies who have pages on their websites specifically available to clients and consumers explaining their new and/or improved production methods and ethics. They also provide information and statistics on enviromental impacts of their products as well as common misunderstandings about the harmfulness of their products.


International Plastics

American Plastic