Fireworks, Veterans, and PTSD

A recent news story from Bakerfield, CA ran on Veterans Day about former Marine Chris Allen that highlighted the effects that fireworks have on our veterans.

The author of the story explained that, "simple things like fireworks remind him of the horrors of war."

And looking back on a day that fireworks were set off outside of this home he detailed how, "I came out with the remote in my hand like a pistol because I was aiming for outside."

These types of events are and stresses for our Veterans are a harsh reality. A recent study found that an alarmingly 1 out of 10 soldiers who have served in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq suffer from PTSD.

By being cautious, respectful, and limiting the use of fireworks it can greatly reduce the stresses that Veterans face.

If you or someone you know is suffering from PTSD contact your local VA Clinic.

Read the full news story here
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