Bamboo Packing

The Dell computer company has started packing their notebook computers with bamboo. Sounds a bit strange at first, I must admit. Are they shipping these computers to panda bears who will then have internet and a snack? The answer is obviously no. Have you seen a bears paw? I doubt it could fit on the keyboard...

The bamboo packaging has been introduced in order for customers who want to be more environmentally friendly to dispose of the packaging for their computer in an eco-friendly way.

Dell chose the bamboo packaging for a few reasons:
  • Bamboo grows fast
  • It's strong
  • It's easy on the environment and promotes healthy soil
Dell has received D-6400 certification for their bamboo packaging. This means that it will compost and biodegrade a a high rate and that the compost will be able to sustain plant growth for the future. This is one of the many "green" offerings the Dell corporation has given their customers over the years.

In a continuing effort to reduce waste and increase recycled materials used, by 2012 Dell plans on using their three C's strategy:

  1. Cube: How big is the box? Could it be smaller?
  2. Content: What is the Packaging made of? Could it be made of something better?
  3. Curb: Is it easily recycled?
It's nice to see corporations who actually care about the environment and are striving to make a difference.

With Dell's "green" efforts, does it make you more willing to purchase products from them?

What are some ways companies are making a difference that inspire you to purchase their products?

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