Celebrate Soil Erosion!

Although the effects of soil erosion can be highly destructive, the notion that only destruction comes from this sometimes unnatural event is highly illogical. The erosion of earthen soil is actually a quite common natural occurrence which has shaped the face of our planet for almost 65 million years.

Although humans have only been around for a few thousand years, water has been the primary source of this soil erosion all over the planet since time began. As seen in this short video clip, the positive effects of water erosion can be seen along the Colorado river running through Utah. Other evidence of water erosion is seen with the formation of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Soil erosion is quite a common positive occurrence, more so than it is negative.

However, man made soil erosion is erosion of a destructive nature. Steps to avoid man made soil erosion must be taken in order to ensure the survivability of healthy farmlands and fertile soil.