What Is Mitsubishi Hiding?

There are allegations Japanese owned company, Mitsubishi, and that they are hoarding a very large quantity of bluefin tuna in deep-freezers for future use. According World Fishing Today, “…Mitsubishi admits that it deep-freezes some of its catch…” They claim it is to help “…smooth out short-term supply…”

The fishing limit for the bluefin tuna is 22,000 tons per year, but the amount of tuna really being caught is closer to 60,000 tons per year. In the documentary film The End of the Line, Charles Clover shows how 20,000 tons of tuna is being frozen in deep-freezer every year. Mitsubishi also owns 35 to 40 percent stock on the bluefin tuna. If the ban goes through this could mean big money for Mitsubishi as the supply of available bluefin plummets, prices will for sure soar.

Carol Fleury