Wal-Mart Takes Lead On Supporting Sustainable Fisheries

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), allows consumers to identify sustainably-caught fish. Fisheries voluntarily pay MSC to inspect their companies and, if they should pass muster, they are awarded the MSC seal of approval. The MSC label is found both at supermarkets and restaurants. The group also has a directory that lists all MSC-certified shops and eateries throughout the world. MSC has enjoyed a yearly 50 percent increase in fishing companies that display its label, and approximately 20 percent of the world’s wild catch are MSC-approved fish. In 2007-2008, products with the MSC label doubled. Supermarkets are cooperating, and Wal-Mart and its outlet ASDA have also gotten into the game.
Wal-Mart, which presently sells about 20 million lbs of fresh fish yearly, is targeting 2011 as the year it will offer only fish that are sustainable-certified fresh and frozen fish. For more information, read the full article here.