Eating Fish Healthy or Deadly?

by L Fashing
We have heard that eating fish several times a week is healthy for us, but could it also be deadly?

Fish may contain dangerously high levels of mercury that is "not healthy" for us. Tuna is the major source of mercury in our American diet and Bluefin Tuna is usually the fish of choice. Sushi tuna and tuna steaks contain higher levels of mercury than others. The FDA’s recommendation of mercury concentration is 0.38 ppm; however, some sushi tuna has been tested with an average value of 0.86 ppm.

Deadly? It is for Bluefin Tuna. With overfishing Bluefin Tuna could disappear forever.

Check out the Mercury you may be consuming!
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Help Save a Bluefin
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  1. Where is the mercury coming from? And why is only tuna at risk? Thanks for posting this

  2. Good Questions.

    Mercury is a naturally occurring element that is present throughout the environment, plants and animals. Humans have increased the amount of mercury mostly through industrial activities that affect the atmosphere, soil, lakes, streams and ocean. The organic form of Mercury is methylmercury, which is the more toxic form found in fish. Larger fish like tuna, shark, and swordfish are higher up on the food chain eating smaller fish; therefore are more likely to bio-accumulate significant amounts of mercury.

    Other fish are affected by the mercury; however their popularity isn’t as great as the tuna. Shark has 0.988 ppm, Swordfish has 0.976 ppm, and Tilefish (Gulf of Mexico) has 1.450 ppm.

    For some general information on pesticides and chemical containments check out this site:

    To calculate how much mercury you may be consuming in a week go to:

  3. good information and another good reason not to eat a fish that is being overfished.
    what can we do to try to decrease the amount of mercury being released into the atmosphere?


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