Are Newer Fishing Methods, Better Fishing Methods?

In a report by 60 Minutes titled “King of Sushi,” Bob Simon talks about the struggles bluefin tuna face as new technologies speed up their depletion. First of all, overfishing is a massive problem throughout the world and not just for bluefin tuna. According to an article posted on Grinning Planet’s website “global stocks of most fish are stretched to their limits. Nearly a quarter of commercial species have already been over-exploited, with a total 70% of species now being fished close to, at, or beyond their capacity.”

For the bluefin, new technologies in fishing and preservation allow them to be sold for as little as 50 cents a plate. As Bob Simon reports, huge freezers make the highly prized fish a commodity that has “little or no expiration date.” Modern, industrial vessels known as purse seiners compound the problem by allowing enormous amounts to be caught at once, some 3000 bluefin at one time according to “King of Sushi.” An amazing industrial triumph on one hand, but if too many are caught at once, the tuna will only face extinction faster. How we fish is something to take into consideration. Hi-tech methods of fishing have brought on higher yields and efficiency, but that only hurts the tuna more, not to mention oceanic life as a whole.

For the link to “King of Sushi” by 60 Minutes, click on:

Below is also a link to Grinning Planet, which has a great article about overfishing and what you can do to help: