When It Sounds Too Good to be True…

It usually is.

Yes, the days of eighty-nine-cent gas are over. Most likely, forever.
And although, in a way, the environment has probably benefited from the fact that people are more aware of their gas consumption than ever before… the search for alternatives has not been without a few nasty side effects.

Some of these “too good to be true” scams are one of them.

There is a website called http://water4gas.com/ that sells manuals and instructions on how to make a device that they claim can double your gas mileage.

Created in 2006 by a man named Ozzie Freedom, this device is claimed to create safe hydrogen by mooching off the car battery. The website claims that this hydrogen-boosting technology is 100 years old and proven by NASA, but has been suppressed from being publicly available until now. There is even a Master-Affiliate Program that allows the public to become sales reps or even manufacturers/installers by using the Water4Gas technology.

According to www.consumeraffairs.com, the gas from water website is nothing but a scheme to take advantage of people hurting from the high gas prices.

Perhaps, someday, we will have a technology that can use water as a fuel. A perfect fuel source that is infinitely available and re-usable. But until then, beware of smart talking scams that make big promises for a profit. Read more: here.