Vegetable Oil as Fuel

One of the many alternatives offered presently to spending a lot of money at the pumps, is to convert your vehicle to run on vegetable oil. There are both pros and cons to using vegetable oil as an alternative to fuel, and both need to be understood in order to make an informed decision.
Some of the pros would be that vegetable is readily available, so long as you are near a restaurant that deep fries their food. All you would need is a diesel oil conversion kit to start pumping the filtered oil into your vehicle. Vegetable oil is also renewable and usually free. Vehicles using vegetable oil paired with their biodiesel/diesel counterparts also reduces air pollution and increases the vehicles range.
With pros being stated, that just leaves two cons. The first con being that the conversion kits are costly, running anywhere from $800 to $1,600 for the kit and installation. Furthermore, the need for the second tank, since the first will hold the diesel and the second the vegetable oil, which can be quite large, can take up a large amount of trunk space.
The second con is the upkeep required to maintain the newly converted vehicle. Finding and storing vegetable oil and maintaining the lines within the vehicle so that they do not get clogged can be a timely task. Fortunately, there are new kits available that not only self-clean, so to speak, but also only require the use of the vehicle’s original gas tank.
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