Save Gas by Inflating Your Tires!

There are lots of ways to try and save gas. If you don’t have the money to trade in a bigger vehicle for a small, compact car that has great gas mileage, then you have to find other ways to save on gas.
A really simple way to use less gas is to check the amount of air in your vehicle tires. And using less gas means that you save money and help the environment! It doesn’t seem like the amount of air in your tires would help save on gas, but tire pressure actually has a lot to do with how much energy a vehicle is using. And since in a vehicle energy equals using gas, you want to try and use the least amount of it as you possibly can.
The car has to work harder with tires that don’t have enough air in them because a deflated tire causes more friction between the road and the tire. So, the vehicle has to use more energy in order to accelerate and drive.
It’s recommended to check tires at least once a month, even if they look fine. A lot of times, tires will seem to be inflated, but if you use a tire pressure gauge, you will actually find out that they are not at the optimum air pressure for your vehicle.
Checking tire pressure is easy with a tire pressure gauge. You can buy one for around $10 or $15, or a lot of the places that have stations to put air in vehicle tires already have gauges available. Most gas stations and some car washes have stations to fill up the air in tires. To find what the exact pressure should be for your vehicle, you can always check your car’s manual.
Something as simple as checking the amount of air in your tires can save you money by making your vehicle need less gas. And in this economy, every little bit helps! And less gas is also better for the environment!

By Mazen