A Sunday Drive

Action Difficulty: Easy

One of the easiest ways to maximize fuel efficiency can be found in the way you drive your car. In today’s world we are rushing from moment to moment, place to place. We try to minimize our driving time adhering to the old adage time equals money. The adage however seems to contradict fuel efficiency. The reality is, the faster you drive the more gas (money) you are wasting. One way to counteract this is to keep your speed in check. As difficult as this may seem, obeying the traffic signs will reap you a 7-23% savings in fuel (EPA). You will also spend less time at stoplights if you follow the posted speed limits, thanks to city planning that accounts for traffic congestion.

Stops and starts also have a bearing on fuel efficiency. Simple physics tells us that heavier mass requires more energy to move; ergo moving from a stoplight will burn more fuel than coasting or rolling through. This technique will work in city streets at streetlights but not for stop signs. Officers will not see fuel efficiency as a just cause for breaking the law no matter how nicely you explain it to them, so please come to full stop at the signs. Lastly, enjoy your dive, drive like its Sunday and coast till your heart’s content. Your car will appreciate it as much as your wallet. For more information and test results on fuel efficiency based on speed see metrompg.com.