Do Consumers Save Buying Hybrids?

Over the last several years Hybrid vehicle technology has had lots of attention in media, friendly conversations with friends, and competing manufacturers. One question that seems unanswered, are hybrid vehicles worth the savings? Sure consumers want to be eco friendly and cut down fuel consumption but do they consider the following? Are hybrids worth it in a sense of taking on a car payment when a vehicle is paid off? Do consumers actually save given interest rates on a loan, monthly payment, gas mileage, future maintenance costs, current fuel costs, government incentives and rebates?

This web site that I found offers an equation to aid in determining whether it makes sense to buy or no to buy. Since our class is geared around fuel savings, saving money and the Toyota Prius this should fit nicely.

Writer Brandon Hansen author of Is a Hybrid Worth it offers some things to consider before purchasing a new hybrid vehicle. Please click on the link below to view the entire article and sample equations on how to calculate. It could prevent consumers from making a got to have it & money mistake!

By: Brad Bennett