Automotive Climate Control System Cuts Fuel Costs.

There are a lot of reasons to try and reduce the amount of gas we use in our vehicles as much as possible. There is the environment, of course, but there are also economical reasons to try and keep gas use to a minimum. Any way we can cut the amount of gas we use in our cars will help with the cost of keeping our cars filled up.

There are a lot of factors typically associated with gas consumption, like how many miles are driven and how fast a car is driven. These factors are thought of a lot, and people will try and keep their speeds down or use cruise control to save on gas. A lot of people don’t consider other things they do in their car when they are trying to reduce gas usage, though, or even think of them as being a cause using more gas. One major contributor to using excess energy and gas in a vehicle is the cooling system. Air conditioning, in particular, in vehicles causes drivers to use extra gas.

One way to reduce the amount of gas used by the air conditioning system in a car is to better regulate the temperature control. TRW engineers have found a more effective way to do this. They can adjust the settings of a vehicle to a person’s preferences, which will make the air conditioning system in the car much more efficient and this will reduce the amount of excess fuel used.

Usually, air conditioning is controlled by sensors based on the temperature of the inside of the vehicle. But, TRW engineers use sensors to read the levels of three different things to regulate the temperature. These readings can be set to regulate the temperature at levels of the air conditioning that are centered specifically on the owner of the vehicle.

This is a bonus for car manufacturers, too, because it cuts the amount of time they have to spend working on the climate system and getting it set at the right level in each vehicle. Because the system designed by TRW uses three sensors that can change air regulation, it doesn’t take as long for the cooling system to be finished in a car because the sensors stay the same in every car and don’t change.

So, by paying attention to the air conditioning in your car, you can help the environment and save money by using less gas. The sensors developed by TRW help do that, and they also help car manufacturers by reducing production time and costs. And if you don’t have a vehicle that has a system to help cut the amount of gas used when the air is on, remember that the less the cooling system is used, the lower the amount of gas you will need.

By Mazen A