Posted by Mia Nguyen

According to Live, in 2006, transit saved an estimated 3.4 billion gallons of gasoline in the United States-enough to fuel 5.8 million cars for a year. In monetary terms, transit saved more than $9 billion that would otherwise have been spent on gasoline. Transit also reduced global warming emissions by nearly 26 million metric tons in 2006. In New York state alone, transit avoided 11.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution-more than was produced by the entire economies of Rhode Island, Vermont or the District of Columbia.

Of all the non-defense products that government purchases, mass-transit goods are among the most technically advanced, and they rely heavily on manufacturing. Mass transit conserves energy and is one of the least polluting forms of travel. Government purchasing power, combined with heavy unionization in the transit service and producer sectors, also makes this sector amenable to public planning for good social outcomes. Government can support local production, particularly in highly unionized and population centers. The density of cities facilitates both union organizing and mass transit.

Do you think there is a future for mass transit? I totally agree because it is fast, reliable, dependable service and good way to save energy.