Jeff Stott's veiws

When I first got the assignment from our professor to create and send out a survey on ecological intelligence; I initially thought and communicated that I was going to be the one to set up the survey and requested questions from the group. Some of my group members decided to listen to me and sent in questions, while some of the other group went ahead and did their own surveys. Thus skewing the results and making this ecological intelligence data that was going to be given to the other groups so they could set up the website. A bigger mess of information that took time, that we did not have, in order to make a cohesive and understandable survey results that could be presented to the website administrators.

After I received the survey questions I went on to survey monkey and set up the questions, on a very busy Saturday morning. I do have to admit that some of these questions were biased and had hidden meanings and agendas, but that is the whole entire point of having a survey in the first place; to get the person that is taking the survey to understand what your intentions are and to also get our point across without skewing the results.