Greenwashing and Organic Food Labeling

Posted by Mia Nguyen

Companies want us to buy their products, they know us-the consumers feel more comfortable spending on products we consider "green". They take advantage on advertising to magnified every aspect of their product that is healthy for the environment. The thing is do they have any profit to prove that their claims are accurate? The organic labels have become very common. We can find tons of "feel-good labeling" in any grocery store. New marketing labels being reached to food packages, we sometimes do no have a clue about what they mean. Advertising blinding us with excessive nutritional information and health claims to make us feel comfortable to buy their products, use exaggerating language to overstate the environmental benefit and make claims that can not be verified.An article in Business Week 2008 stated that consumer demand for organic production has increased lately, leading organic into an over $20 billion a year business. This encouraged corporations to move into organic business. The article also mentioned that consumers can go to a useful website to find more information about untruthful organic food labeling instead of sending email or making a call to a company to verify what a claim means or as for proof.

The questions for companies that are using misleading advertising on organic food that is " If consumers lose faith in product labeling, will they be affected by that?"