What's it to me?

Blog post by Mary Kelley

On an individual basis the wasted standby power of house hold electronic devices is usually very small, but in today's age almost everything we use plugs in and that adds up! Wasted energy is not just exclusive to the obvious items like cell phone chargers, and computers, any appliance you can plug in could be a contributer to the "Phantom Load". Phantom energy is apparently on the rise as well likely due to the increase in electronics. According to a study by Alan Meier at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkley CA. phantom energy accounted for about 5% of all households energy use in 1998, when he ran the study again in 2000 the rate had risen to an estimated 10% of household energy use. In other words if you took measures to reduce your consumption you could save up to a months worth of energy costs, and that's something I am sure we can all see value in given the economy etc. On a national level that turns into $3 billion in annual energy costs. This isn't exclusive to America either, the UK averages about 8% and France was in at 7% in 2000. In addition to the impact it has on our wallets it is also leaving a pretty big carbon foot print on the planet, if 1 million households halved their phantom power load, we'd eliminate 150,000 tons of CO2 per year. Yikes!

Here's a short list of some of the common household sucks:

Anything with a clock or digital display
Coffee makers
Rice Cooker
Dust Busters
Baby Monitors
Computer Speakers
Video games
Security systems

Chargers of any sorts

Garage Door Opener

Cable Box