How much do you lose?

Posted by Mary Kelley

I was reading up on Phantom Energy and came accross a startling statistic, apparently an estimated 5% of the energy drawn from a cell phone charger is actually used to charge the phone according to the website Which got me thinking and out of the corner of my eye as I write this blog I see my cell charger plugged into the wall next to me of course, and the battery charger for my video camera, I may as well have a hole in my pocket! So curious to find out just how much energy is used by my various electronics I sought out a handy calculator that breaks it down for you. I was amazed particularly on the numbers for the DVD players, Video Games and Home Theater Systems, there's very little difference between idle and on! In addition to the calculator there was also some tips on energy use reduction , and what it all gets down to as many before me have stated, is awareness and power strips......This might just be the motivation I needed to go invest in some power strips.