Having the Green Pulled Over Your Eyes

Companies claim to be green and environmentally friendly every single day. For that matter, companies use the concept of green to gain a loyal consumer base. But what exactly is green and how do organizations prove it. The fact is for the most part they cannot prove it, or wont. What is the average consumer to do about companies that are misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service? We as consumers must begin to demand that companies show us what they are doing that makes their products ‘green’ along with a statement of what they think ‘green’ is. A page on the Terrachoice website speaks to what corporations are doing to pull the wool over our eyes. Their Six Sins of Greenwashing talks all about the techniques that are being used against us every day. It is a time we all stand up and take action. We must start with ourselves by learning how to make the eco-friendly choice not based on what a logo says on a product, but actually holding corporations accountable and buying that which can accurately be dubed as ‘Green’.

-Follow and print out this link to know what you can do to
avoid being greenwashed -

-Josh R

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