Apple isn't Green!

November 27, 2008

Apple vs. Greenpeace: Green Communication or Greenwashing?

This week, Greenpeace released their 10th version of the Guide to Greener Electronics, putting Apple behind competitors like HP, Dell and Acer. This comes despite Apple’s launch of a new campaign promoting “The new Macbooks. The world’s greenest family of notebooks.“.
Although there has been criticism regarding Greenpeace’s methodologies in determining rankings, judgement by organizations like Greenpeace does appear to be moving the electronics industry in a more sustainable direction. More and more often, we are seeing consumers choosing products based on their perceived environmental policies, notwithstanding the economic downturn.
While Apple’s policies are up for debate, one thing is certain: Their green communications have put the topic on the table. Many companies have superior policies, but do little to advertise them - an oversight that will soon become a thing of the past as 3rd party validation or criticism plays a greater role in consumer behavior.
Alex Haythorne for The Element Agency in Vancouver

I discovered this at a link listed as My Green Element. This supports a previous blog on computer companies (Microsoft) and their saying they are green. It isn't just the packaging that consumers need to be aware of, it is what is inside the plastic covers. We have all seen the dump sites on our website that are the end product of our old computers. The computer companies have been saying they are making their products greener, but there is still a long way to go to protect the future for our children and environment.
There is also a great U Tube video at this site with Al Gore speaking about the steps we can take to clean up out country.
Submitted by Kathy Sprick

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