Food and Greenwashing

After writing a blog on Greenwashing and water bottles I thought it would be informative to look up Greenwashing and food.

Have you ever wondered if packaged organic food is really organic or any better for than you than so called "regular" food?. Just because you buy a bag of chips in a brown paper bag does not mean it is any healthier than a pack of chips from Lays. Before you trust the organic promise and health claims that so called organic food companies market, read the ingredients to be sure the product is actually different.

Many companies claim that their food is "all natural" and organic which makes it seem healthier to the consumer but this is often a marketing ploy to get you to buy the product. For me I know that if the package of a product reads organic, healthy and low fat, I will buy it thinking that I will get healthier if I eat or drink that product or lose weight because the label says low fat. I find I lose more weight by limiting my portions of regular food, exercising and drinking water.

When I shop at Trader Joes, or Market of Choice in Eugene, I like the ambience and selection of the awesome looking produce and the smell of lavender oil from the natural soaps, but I wonder if these products that are sold next to non organic products and are more expensive are really any better than if I were to shop at Albertsons. The enticement for me with these markets is that they claim to sell organic products and so I trust that. I wonder if that is what also makes the products more expensive. There are some things I can find at these two markets that I can't find in any other chain, like crumpets or Paradise Tea and certain cheeses, but I always end up spending more money on the other products and cringe when I hit the check out counter. I wonder if the salad bar ingredients comes from packaged lettuce and spinach over organic, locally grown produce, but I have never done the research.

It is not just the ingredients in the food that matter, think about the packaging as well. Is it any better than foil packaging? any more sustainable than so called organic packaging and if so how? Do some research before you believe a marketing claim on foods. You might just be surprised to find out that you fell for a Greenwashing food claim.

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