Recycling Your Old Phone

"Give your old wireless phone new meaning with T-Mobile's Handset Recycling Program. The program promotes the recycling and reuse of old wireless devices that might otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators--and 100% of the net proceeds from handset recycling now benefit the charitable efforts of the T-Mobile Huddle Up program."

Another company doing their part to protect our environment and promote sustainability is wireless provider T-Mobile. T-Mobile is making it easy for consumers to recycle their old wireless phones by allowing to drop them off at any T-Mobile Retail Location or allowing them to print a pre-paid envelope off their website at:

This is a vital part of sustaining our environment as thousands of phones and other electronic devices end up in land fills everyday. T-Mobile has partnered with EPA to ensure proper recycling of electronic products with their Plug-In to eCycling Campaign.

"T-Mobile has partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to participate in its Plug-In to eCycling Campaign . The campaign, “Recycling Your Phone, It’s an Easy Call,” is one of many new efforts under the EPA's Resource Conservation Challenge which seeks to increase the national recycling rate to 35 percent, among other goals. The campaign aims to get the word out about opportunities to reuse and recycle your old computers, TVs, and cell phones, and to build momentum for even more reuse and recycling programs."