Oregon Country Fair

Now that we’re all done with our academics (and it’s been a long hard road), if you’re near Eugene on the 11th to the 13th of July, you might want to go out to the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta. It’s not like it was in the late 70’s and early 80’s because of the more authoritarian nature of government. However, at the fair you’ll meet a lot of beautiful people who know what sustainability is, see new energy inventions, hear great music, and feel at home with the whole world. They don’t sell tickets at the fair site so please buy them a day in advance at the usual outlets: Tickets West or something. We are always inundated with bad news and discouragement, but at the fair I always feel refreshed and have a new motivation and will to help the world in whatever small way I can. Some people think the fair has compromised, but really they are continuing their good work and energy as well as one can with government, local codes, and whatever. In community development I learned about great things people accomplished through churches and schools—mostly because they were the only social organizations available—and the same thing with the fair. Freedom was the mantra at the fair from the beginning and I believe it is still there. It can seem crowded but they expanded it some with a great big meadow with children playing and all kinds of fascinating happenings. I’m going to try to go on Saturday, they have the old rock band of the sixties “It’s a Beautiful Day” playing at the main stage. If I go alone to the fair, I just park in Veneta and ride my bicycle the few miles to the site—and save 5 dollars for parking. Please don’t imagine I’m commercially promoting the fair; I have nothing to do with it, only recognize it’s inspirational value.

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