Energy Myths and truths

“Energy myths and truths” … PGE, August 2006

Nice succinct article that debunks some of the myths of energy saving behaviors.

Among the ways to actually save energy are …

ALWAYS turn incandescent lights off but it’s OK to leave CFL’s on if they are going to be used within 15 minutes.
ALWAYS lower the thermostat night. In terms of setting daytime temperature, it takes the same amount of time to raise temperature to 70 whether the thermostat is set to 70 or 90 degrees so setting it higher in hopes of getting to 70 faster is pointless. Same holds true in reverse for air-conditioning.
CFL’s provide the same pleasing quality of light as incandescents. They are very different from the flickering and distracting ones that have been used for years in offices.
It takes the same overall amount of energy to boil water from cold or hot tap water since energy has already been expended in heating the tap water.
As with incandescent lights, turning a computer off uses less energy than leaving it on. It’s a misconception that the on-off action uses more. The new “sleep” features on some computers saves a lot of energy.
Finally, hot water in ice cube trays actually freezes faster than cold because it losses about 25% to evaporation!

~LA Blair

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