Start Seeing Bicycles!

With gasoline over four dollars a gallon now, it appears that the City of Portland’s long standing policy of leaving the freeways at three lanes and diverting funds to public transportation was the right choice. Here is the typical scenario: a freeway gets clogged and people turn to alternate modes such as moving closer to work, bicycles, car pooling, public transportation, or a different route; yet the freeway is still clogged. Then States such as California build another lane and the freeway temporarily flows faster. People then shift from those other modes back to single car transport, move out to the suburbs for a bigger house (thereby increasing freeway traffic) and a slow stream of new people move in the area and the freeway once again is clogged. Interstate 5 and many others in California have 6 or more lanes in some sections, yet they are still a problem and such a gas guzzling enterprise. Anyone that has been to New York has seen that public transportation done right can move tremendous amounts of commuters.
Portland is known to be a bicycle town yet people still get hit and “doored” all the time. There is a great site in my opinion called “” and they give good tips on how to avoid getting hit. Anyone who rides much will testify that many drivers just don’t see them. We can’t trust anyone—yet have to—just as a motorcyclist.

Another idea: get a bike rack or fold-up bike and keep it with your car all the time. You can use it on short trips and going to places with tight parking (like PSU).

David Best