Why is Water Conservation Important?

I have often heard that water conservation is important. There are many sites that will share with you ways to save water, but I wanted to know why water conservation is so important. With two-thirds of the Earth covered in water, I couldn't imagine that conserving water would be a global concern. I found my answer on a web site by the World Water Council under the Water at a Glance section. What I learned is that it is not that the world has too little water, but that the world does a poor job managing the water it does have. This poor management has led to high water stress in over half of the U.S. as well as in good portions of Africa and Europe. Water stress is an inbalance between the water we use and the water resources we have available to us. The World Water Council web site is a fascinating source that promotes water conservation programs and education on a global scale. I encourage everyone to visit this site. You'll come away with a new respect for water conservation as I did.

World Water Council

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